PPI2Innovate project meeting in Ljubljana

October 10th - 11th, 2018 , Ljubljana - Slovenia 

PPI2Innovate project partners will shortly meet in Ljubljana - Slovenia, at the occasion of the 5th Project meeting, 6th Steering committee meeting and 3rd onsite and journalist onsite visit.  

PPI2Innovate partnership will have an opportunity to discuss internally so far results and work done, evaluate ongoing tasks and activities,as well as the overview of the upcoming activities - such as establishment of the PPI2Innovate Competence Centres Network , will be provided to all PPs. 

At the same time, on-site peer review visit and journalist onsite visit of Slovene (Ministry of Public Administration of republic of Slovenia = MPA) pilot will he hold during which the project partners will have an opportunity to give feedback based on their professional experiences and lessons learned will be wrapped-up as part of the knowledge-sharing activity within PPI2Innovate project.