PPI and PcP Policy Roundtables, Ljubljana 

November 22nd, 2018 │  8:30 - 11:30 │ The Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia in Ljubljana │ Dunajska 167 

Slovene partners of the PPI2Innovate project will organize Policy Roundtables about using PPI (Public Procurement of Innovative solution ) in SMART Health, ICT and Energy in order to show samples from the region and also outside the region and how are the other procurers planning to develop an innovative solutions and services in Health, ICT and Energy sector using PPI tool

In order to facilitate the usage of PPI in Central Europe, there have been developed nationally customized SMART PPI tools for Health, ICT and Energy sectors available online in 6 languages: SI, HU, CZ, IT, HR, PL.  

Participants of the roundtables will tackle not only the usage of PPI but the discussion will open a floor also for the Pre-comercial Procurement (PcP) tool. 

The event is organized by ICT TN in collaboration with Ministry of Public Administration of the Republic of Slovenia (MPA). 

Katja Golavšek (for registration matters) katja.golavsek@gov.si
Majda Potokar (for any additional questions) majda.potokar@ict-slovenia.net

Please find more information about the program and registration form at following links: