Dear reader!

Our SEE ME IN project came to an end. We are proud of all our accomplishements and hope that the legacy of this project will carry on. Some of our bigger accomplishements are recounted below:

The project developed an Intercultural Hub, a service platform, with the aim of creating a competitive community of practice and providing specific digital support tools and an on line training path with info-pill and self-study materials. The cities, public and private agencies participating in the SEE ME IN project have created physical support networks for entrepreneurs, which have resulted in dedicated tools, such as mentoring, coaching, B2B meetings, organization of thematic meetings and participation at fairs and events. To promote and to enrich the stories of the multicultural enterprises, the project involved them in four inspirational experiences open to public: a Culinary Treats, the participation to the 2021 edition of the Milano Design Week, a fashion video and organisation of Aiforia Intercultural Fashion Show. The SEE ME IN project has therefore piloted an active policy model, aimed at making cities richer, more stimulating and more plural ecosystems. Cities as laboratories of economic and social innovation are becoming more suited to receiving, mixing and transforming different cultures. Furthermore, they are developing into places where multicultural entrepreneurs have the opportunity to express themselves at their best, thus, creating benefits for themselves and for the environment in which they are inserted. 

If you are interested in knowing more about our project, please contact our lead partner, Fondazione Politechnico di Milano at: