SENTINEL launched with the Kick-off

What makes social enterprise viable? How can people, who are living in underprivileged region and don’t have a job, get one? The Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Málta are looking for answers in 6 Middle-European countries with 10 partner organisation in a new programe called SENTINEL. In the social economies of Málta are made from used electronical item jewelry, from herbs cosmetic items.

The demographic changes, segregation in disadvanteged region faces Middle-European countries to new challenges. The social economies could be the solution more of these problems. Social economy is crucial for the convergence of disadvantaged regions of Central Europe, where market forces fail to revive the economy. A social enterprise does not only want to achieve business results, but primarily serves the public good.

At the social economies of Málta, employee make from used electronical item jewels, in Kecskemét at Homoki Wonder Garden they make, for example cosmetic items from herbs.  Málta has already well-working social enterprises, like the meat factory in Gyulaj, the electronic demolition enterprise in Tarnabod. Most of the Málta’s social economies there are people who has changed working abilities. They were unemployed for years before Málta involved them to social economies. SENTINEL partners from 6 countries now initiate joint actions to develop and validate novel, widely applicable solutions for skill development, social economies mentoring and networking facilitation, enabling them to better fulfil their major role in social innovation and inclusive growth.

As a result, social enterprises will be enabled to turn innovative social ideas into viable and sustainable business models, making Central European regions better places to live and work.

Budapest, the 16th of June 2017.