Transport Research Centre / Centrum dopravního výzkumu (CDV)

The Transport Research Center (CDV) is the only Czech scientific research public institution under the Ministry of Transport. CDV was established in 1992 as a successor to the Czech Transport Departments Research Institute in Žilina and is now, since 2007, a public research institution. CDV has a certificated quality management system ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001.

The basic purposes of the center are research and development activities, processing expertise, ensure projects and services for Ministry of Transport, as well as providing expert opinions for authorities, both public and commercial entities. The Transport Research Center employs more than 150 workers, among whom are experts from all modes of transport.

The main areas of CDV activities are transport policy, transportation prognosis and modeling, land use transport planning, development of ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) technology, environment, smart cities solutions. Professional activity is divided into four divisions:

  • Division of transport development
  • Division of transport infrastructure and the environment
  • Division of road safety and traffic engineering
  • Division of human factor in transport and transport modeling.

The center also carries out contract research on above topics for cities, regions and private companies. As an independent transport research institution, CVD has very close connection to all strategy documents (SUMPs, mobility planning) that are in preparation phase in the main Czech cities. And is also very active in cooperation with several cities and organizations which are members of CIVINET, a network of Check and Slovak Republic cities, regions and other partners dealing with the topic of sustainable mobility.