StimulArt is seeking good practices - a Study Tour to Linz


Stimulart is seeking good practices to build firm foundation and superstructure of CCI in the partner cities. In September 2019 the partnership visited Linz, a globally renown cradle of visual arts and technology boosting the fusion of science, art, economy and society. 
Besides merging in the breath-taking exhibits of Arc Electronica Center the participants learnt how a futuristic, technology-based but deeply society-focused CREATIVE ECOSYSTEM prospers in a city once with gloomy industrial image. Linz is by now one of the leading creative cities of Europe where local and global-scale cooperation is exemplary, and ARTS prevail. 
Creativity penetrates local and regional economy of Linz and Tabakfabrik (the second day program) is the hub of multi sectoral co-working, hosting firm value chains. The project partners’ encounter with the combination of brilliant design and an extremely successful operational /management model will contribute to building breakthrough visions for the Stimulart cities in the CCI strategy making and piloting phases.