Representatives of the city of Torun visited RE-USE point in Brno

24th May. Brno, Czech Republic

More than 20 polish representatives visited the city of Brno in Czech Republic on 24. 5. 2018. They came to see and learn how the city of Brno established their RE-USE programme. The visit happened thanks to the SURFACE project and network.

Martin Vaněček from the city of Brno, who is the associated partner of SURFACE project, welcomed the polish visitors. Than Blanka Marková from IURS, who is SURFACE project partner, explained them the goals of the SURFACE project and how the city of Brno may bring the expertise in REUSE activities. The discussion about REUSE project and RETRO-USE project was very fruitful. Martin Vaněček guided the group to RE-USE point. It works as public point where people may bring old stuff that they do not need any more and do not want it to end as waste. Employers of RE-USE point check the stuff, clean it, repair it and offer to other people. They can buy it for little money and take home. Old things find new utilization, collected money is used for floriculture in public spaces in the city of Brno.

Some things have historical value, so they are sent to public institutions and museums. Some of such institutions is the nuclear shelter in the city of Brno. Shelter is a part of another activity, so called RETRO-USE. Disabled people repair and clean old valuable things in the workshops that are settled in nuclear shelter. They pack them as well and give to the city visitors as gift or present them in the part of the shelter that is established as a museum.

Polish visitors were happy to see such interesting activities and places and invited their hosts to the city of Toruň.  

CE970 SURFACE project is supported by the Interreg CENTRAL  EUROPE Programme funded under the European Regional Development Fund.