SURFACE 5th General Partner Meeting
Cultural Congress Centre Jordanki 

24 to 25 February 2020 - Torun, Poland

SURFACE Project Partners will meet in Torun to meet up on their second general partner meeting.

This event will host a Workshop called "ReUse Do-It Yourself", an interactive session under professional guidance where participants will be instructed on techniques of reuse on different categories of materials

During the two days work a Multitakeholders forum with guests form every part of Europe and and Advisory Board meeting will take place

SURFACE project partners have invited guests form the Twin Partner program to start the 3rd Twinning Learning Journey and show them the benefits and values of SRP, taking Torun site as a model

SURFACE project partners will have an opportunity to meet and discuss on the results achieved, plan future project activities as well as confront with colleagues from Twin program and various European stakeholders involved in the ReUse philosophy