04 June 2018, Brussels 

Leveraging Behavioural Change for Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings - Regione del Veneto Avenue de Tervuren, 67 1040 Brussels

The Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE 2014-2020 “TOGETHER - Towards a Goal of Efficiency Through Energy Reduction” aims at encouraging the CENTRAL EUROPE Public Administrations to improve Energy Efficiency in their buildings also by involving users in energy management, and to change their atomistic vision into a holistic vision of the buildings as a whole of functions and relationships between physical space, technological devices and users’ needs-behaviour.
Are technological interventions the only possible tool for triggering energy efficiency? How can end-users’ behaviour be part of the energy efficiency strategy of the owners of a building?
The workshop tackled energy efficiency providing practical showcases related to the so called Demand Side Management, i.e. the modification of consumers’ demand for energy through various methods such as incentives and education.
The aim of the workshop, organized as an “Energy Day” within the framework of the EU Sustainable Energy Week 2018, was to let the participants get in touch with the project OGETHER and what it is under implementation in its 8 partners' regions.
The event was organized in cooperation with the Veneto Region, Brussels Office


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To register to the event, you are kindly requested to send the registration form to by 29 May 2018.
There is a limited capacity of 55 seats that will be available until they last.

For more information, please write to:
Ms Patrycja Plonka
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