Pilots snapshots Hegividék


Before designing and introducing DSM tools in the 9 pilot buildings of Hegyvidék, the external experts - engineers from the Technical University of Budapest - visited all the pilot buildings conducting interviews with building managers and users and checked the technical condition of the buildings from energy efficiency point of view. Based on the experiences of these visits, the experts prepared a suggestion list for the pilot buildings including recommendations for the technical improvement and energy efficient usage of the buildings as well as for the application of DSM tools. As the first step of the pilot, some pilot building users were invited to work voluntary in designing and implementing pilot actions. Their task was to observe the building users’ behaviour and detect anti-energy efficient habits. Meetings were regularly organised for the voluntaries which were called energy commando meetings led by the external experts and the project team of the municipality including trainings how to extract data from the smart meter system and understand the graphs presented on the dashboards. Energy efficiency competition was organized between the pilot buildings with the participation of the energy commandoes. In addition, energy days were organized with the Humphry character (puppet show and workshop) in 4 pilot kindergartens during Autumn 2018. Also, the Humphrey drawing book, as DMS tool, was applied in the kindergarten pilot buildings. The key success of this tool is rooted in the fact that both parents and children learn about energy efficient behaviour colouring the drawing book as while children are colouring, parents are explaining them the texts. Furthermore, Humphry crochet were produced by voluntaries which will also be used among children in the pilot kindergartens. Moreover, Humphrey puppets, posters and stickers will be distributed in the kindergartens. Beside DSM tools, parents were addressed by a short guiding document which explains the meaning of the measured smart meter data placed next to the dashboard in the kindergartens (see picture in Annex). In the Budai Drawing School pilot building, a local workshop was organized in the frame of a one week long open event where students of the drawing school designed sticker and poster graphics. Each graphic was designed for raising awareness and attention of building users for energy efficiency and other environmental issues. The best graphics were printed out and will be placed in the pilot buildings (Kis János atb, Börszörményi Office, Municipality Office Building) addressing behavioral change at building users. For instance, posters will be placed on the corridors, stickers above the light switchers. In order to raise the building users’ attention for the posters, stickers and present the results of the measurements made by the smart meters, a one-day long game will be organized in each office building. In the MOM Cultural and Sport Centers an adult colouring canvas was created, and a drawing exercise was organized for the building users in December 2018. While people colored the picture, they discussed energy efficiency issues and the smart meter data measured which is partly the result of their building usage behavior. In the Mom Cultural Centre, also the tutorial video produced by Hegyvidék was displayed continuously in the main hall where visitors could watch it.

Pilot action factsheet


Hegyvidek (Budapest) Interview with a project stakeholder