Evaluation report of the International workshop about energy consumer behaviour, consumption practices and rebound effect in Maribor

The international workshop on managing energy consumer behaviour, consumption practices and rebound effect (Work Package communication, deliverable D.C.7.2) took place at Hotel City in Maribor, Slovenia, on 10th April 2018.

The international workshop was organised by the University of Maribor, within the framework of project »TOGETHER - TOwards a Goal of Efficiency THrough Energy Reduction«. The workshop hosted 10 wellknown experts, who presented their methods and share experiences for efficient use of energy in public buildings. The workshop ended with a discussion panel, resulting in different approaches for efficient energy use and suggestions for changing the behaviour of consumers in the future.

The University of Maribor conducted an evaluation of the workshop by developing an evaluation questionnaire to assess the quality of the workshop and its outcomes by increasing the participant‘s knowledge on the theme and above all, on behaviour impact on efficient use of energy. The evaluation reprot is available at the following link: