The kick-off meeting of the working group ‘Education, interpretation, promotion and visibility’

27th January 2021

The online kick-off meeting of the working group Education, interpretation, promotion and visibility was organised on 27th of January 2021 by Public Institution Paklenica National Park and external experts. 

The aim of the working group is to create several activities related to:

  • Education about UNESCO World Heritage components (Suva draga-Klimenta and Oglavinovac-Javornik) and interpretation of the World Heritage 
  • Promotion and increasing visibility of the UNESCO World Heritage site, aimed at raising awareness of the importance of site protection and the benefits that this international designation can provide to the local community 

Activities related to education and interpretation will be directed to the local community and visitors, while activities related to promotion and visibility will be directed exclusively towards the local community. 

After introductory speeches and presentations, the Public Instritutions Paklenica National Park presented BEECH POWER, its goals and preliminary results. Following, the moderator gave a short overview of the Participatory Strategy development workshop. Then, the moderator held an introductory presentation on the concept of the working group, tasks of members as well as the expected results. The presentations were followers by an open discussion.

The next meeting of the working group is planned soon. As the final result of the working group meetings, a proposal of the working program will be developed.