The first mentoring workshop for the core team of Hartberg/Pinkafeld was held on February, 1st at the site of the Urban Inno project partner Forschung Burgenland GmbH in Pinkafeld. The core team was set up in accordance to the Mapping of the Urban Ecosystem and the focus of the project partner Research Burgenland, which has lots of experience in the field of (renewable) energy. Therefore, activities within the Urban Innovation Cluster of Pinkafeld/Hartberg will focus on integration of renewable energy, sustainable use of energy and mobility. The main idea for the cluster is to find solutions for sustainable, economic and ecologic, but also social production, distribution, storage and usage of energy.

The representative of the mentoring partner CyberForum, Ralf Trunko, briefly presented the project Urban Inno to the participating core team members. Afterwards, the participating core team members introduced themselves, including organisations and roles in the urban innovation ecosystem, personal position and role as well as expectations for the training and the future engagement. This was followed by an overview of ongoing initiatives in the region Pinkafeld/Hartberg. The emerging discussion between the participants showed the high relevance of the topic and the motivation of the participating core team members. In the following, Ralf Trunko presented methods and experiences from CyberForum including quadruple helix cluster building and development (roles of stakeholders in the cluster development and activities, motivation and involvement of regional stakeholders) as well as participative processes for user / citizen involvement (World Café, Vision Factory). The original goal of the workshop was to identify/develop common strategy priorities, first ideas for joint initiatives, a prioritization as well as a roadmap (including responsibilities) for the next steps. But since the intention to establish a quadruple helix in the region under the topic energy gave rise to an extensive discussion among the participants, the result ended in a common understand of the purpose and added value of such a helix establishment. The participants decided to think about the insights gained during the workshop and to postpone the definition of common goals and next steps to end of February at a Skype conference including a participation of the mentoring partner CyberForum.

Hartberg/Pinkafeld core team 1st training