On May 18th 2017, the public event Long Night of Participation took place in Dornbirn, Austria. Public authority representatives, research institutions, NGO’s and citizens gathered to discuss the increasing innovative participatory potentials of regional and international environment. About 300 participants had the opportunity to discuss the themes of broad and current interest in novel approaches towards citizen involvement in value creation. 

URBAN INNO project was presented on a session where Vorarlberg pilot on mobility was introduced to the attendants. The scope of FHV’s participation at the event was to bring audiences closer to the modern and prospective participatory models in the field of e-mobility and Mobility on Demand, as well as to engage them in the process of experimental decision-making and direct involvement within the sector. FHV presented URBAN INNO as an illustration of increasing importance of citizens’ involvement with innovation potentials of regions, with specific focus on Smart Cities and e-mobility. The session was held (as required by the organizer) without presentations. The FHV’s pilot was presented in a group of 25 citizens who could give feedback and direct contribution for FHV’s pilot on mobility. The organizer encouraged the use of so-called ‘story-telling’ methods to present the topics of the session. FHV therefore was telling a story for about 20 minutes. After this, the attendants had the opportunity to give feedback and actively engage for another 25 minutes. The main benefit for FHV and URBAN INNO is the inclusion of the public in the pilot actions, laying out descriptions of the used participatory methodology, disseminate the existence of the pilot action, as well as promote advanced urban innovation methods.

Long night of participation

Long night of participation 2017 in Dornbirn, AT