Local URBAN INNO activities at XII Summer School of Innovation in Toruń (PL)

The Summer School of Innovation is organized regularly by the Association of Organizers of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centers in Poland (SOOIPP) in close cooperation with the leading academic centers in Poland in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship, i.e. the Warsaw School of Economics, University of Lodz, University of Szczecin, University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznan, Warsaw University of Technology.

Special units are involved in the preparation of individual editions of the Summer School. Universities conducting research on the innovativeness of the Polish economy and at the same time they exercise the substantive patronage over the scientific side of the undertaking.

The idea of ​​the initiative, which is the Summer School of Innovation, differs from the classic university summer school, mainly in the area of ​​its management. It depends not on normal lectures, but mainly on focused discussions as well as individual and team consultations. To participate in them are invited: young scientists starting their scientific career, including PhD students, experienced academic staff from academic units that organize the School, who conduct active research in the field of innovation (especially those conducting research national and international projects), practitioners in the field of innovation: managers and animators of projects from parks and technology incubators, technology transfer centers and innovation centers from all over the country.

The participants were representatives of universities from whole Poland such as: the Warsaw School of Economics, University of Lodz, University of Szczecin, University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznan, Warsaw University of Technology. The participant were also the representatives of innovation centers (Warsaw), technology parks (Poznań, Kielce). The event has national character.

The main part of the School are presentations about the projects, their results, researches provided by academics from whole Poland as well as students and discussion, networking session. The subject of the XII Summer School of Innovation, held on 10th September 2018 in Toruń, Poland, was ‘Innovation of SMEs – B+R cooperation’.

URBAN INNO specific communication: general presentation of the project, specific topics addressed, such as pilots, participatory methods, transnational project approaches, etc. Please shortly state how URBAN INNO contributed to the event in general. Joanna Rudawska, the manager of the Development Project Department in Kielce Technology Park, provided presentation titled ‘Quadruple Helix - model wdrożenia innowacji na przykładzie projektu URBAN INNO’.

The presentation covered information about the idea of helix cooperation (triple, quadruple etc.), the idea of the project based on the quadruple model, cases from Poland, presentation of Core Team members and network activities. The presentation underlined the role of society as the fourth helix, and the methods of involving this helix in the innovation process. The Participatory tool was presented, the process and the cards prepared within the project. The final part was the presentation of AI in Kielce Technology Park to promoted the pilot project and enhance other units to implement the same solution within its infrastructure.

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XII Summer School of Innovation in Poland

50 representatives of innovation units, academics and students attended XII Summer School of Innovation in Poland

XII Summer School of Innovation in Poland

Joanna Rudawska (Kielce Technology Park) presenting URBAN INNO project and its local activities