The Province of Trento, in collaboration with other provincial structures and with the Foundation Alcide Degasperi, promoted 14 appointments with 45 protagonists among academics, journalists and European policy experts on Siamo Europa Festival, held in Trento on 14th May 2017. During the event, 18 of Trentino’s involving projects, benefiting from European funding, had the opportunity to be introduced to the participants in public presentation, and on promotional booth.

This was a nice opportunity to present the local URBAN INNO pilot activities. The URBAN INNO project  shared the booth space with the OSIRIS project (@Osiris_Interreg), an INTERREG EUROPE project that involves the Province of Trento (lead partner: Region Vasterbooten, Sweden), in particular the ‘Open Data in Trentino’ project that is an important stakeholder of the Urban INNO pilot in Trento. The OSIRIS project is working around the theme of ‘how to influence ESDF Policy Instrument for developing a data-driven economy supported by the PA’, while URBAN INNO is trying to develop data-driven supported participative processes. So there is a lot of interest in establishing a concrete collaboration between the two projects.

URBAN INNO was public linked with the (the opendata regional initiative) and the European Data Portal (the opendata European initiative).

Link to the official event announcement at program website:

Link to the EU projects exhibit

Siamo Europa

Marco Combetto, Informatica Trentina, at Siamo Europa 2017