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Smart Regions 2.0 Conference 2017

Representative of the Lead Partner of the URBAN INNO project, Ms. Tina Ragužin, participated in the Smart Regions 2.0 Conference, held in Helsinki, Finland, June 1-2, 2017.

The conference was opened by Commissioner Corina Crețu, President of the Committee of the Regions Markku Markkula and European Commission Vice President Jyrki Katainen.

The event provided the opportunity to present and discuss the contribution of smart specialization to regional and national research and innovation systems. The discussion panel analyzed in depth how the links between business and research lead to innovation and growth. The focus was on how policy instruments and governance models can best fit the purpose of supporting the economic development of regions. Four main clusters of regions formed the core of the discussion on policy instruments: industrial regions, urban regions, rural regions and peripheral regions. The Smart Regions 2.0. event was essential in understanding the state of smart specialization in Europe; it also helped locate and understand future objectives and possible challenges

Cross-border collaboration within the EU was also the theme of the event: the more regions work together, the more innovation and growth is produced.

Within the Smart Regions 2.0 Conference Workshop “Moving towards smart specialization 2.0 - added value of cooperating in project platforms” was held, with the idea to present and discuss the idea of establishment of project platforms as a framework for cooperation between different projects and project programmes within Baltic Sea Region and other funding programmes in order to strengthen the impact of projects’ outcomes in the selected thematic field, e.g. innovation, blue growth or interoperability of transport. The main aim of project platforms is to increase impacts of Interreg Baltic Sea Region and other EU-funded projects in the area. Platforms should ensure more intensive use, better durability and transferability of projects’ outcomes.

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