3rd Thematic meeting in Pomurje region, Slovenia

Muncipality of Beltinci organized in coooperation with Development agency Sinergija from Moravske Toplice on 10th and 11th of October 2017 the 3rd Thematic meeting.

Partners have an opportunity to discuss draft action plans and prepare jointly for pilot actions. Pilot pairs worked together on their pilot workplans with aim to concretize pilot workplan and talk about the pilot corss-visit details. Each region created one poster about their pilot timeline and identified main points/dates for knowledge exchange during the pilot implementation.

In frame of 3rd Thematic meeting was organized also the Site visit where partners visited the poterry workshop at DUO center (Center od domestic crafts) in Verzej, and Floating mill on Island of love in Izakovci.

During 2nd day of meeting was held the communication session where important points related to Communication WP  were highlighted. Partners were invited to be more innovative during organizing of Local dissemination events and to use more active YouInHerit social media accounts.