Urban walk and seminar in Mikulov

19/06/2019 - Mikulov (Czech Republic)
Seminar and Urban Walk event

On 19 June 2019, a thematic walk through the urban conservation area in Mikulov took place in order to identify possible barriers against the development of the city in relation to its conservation. The walk was attended by representatives of the city of Mikulov and the non-profit organization Institute for Sustainable Development of Settlements.

The historic center of Mikulov was declared an urban conservation area already in 1952: this was due to the unique location of the city, the harmony of nature with settlement, the extraordinary urban and architectural quality of the settlement and the value of the heritage fund. Currently there are almost 200 historical and cultural monuments in the city. Since 1982, when the former Ministry of Culture set out a legislation for the preservation of cultural heritage in Mikulov, several important documents have been elaborated concerning the regeneration of the urban conservation area. Currently, the so-called Program for the Development of Urban Conservation Areas is in force in Mikulov, being updated every year by proposing actions according to the budget of the town of Mikulov for each year.

Regarding the protection, the regeneration of the urban conservation area is more complicated than the revitalization of ordinary city districts. Many European cities are facing challenges in the areas of the environment, social impacts, as well as economic development in conservation areas. Therefore, Mikulov is involved in the BhENEFIT project, within which a thematic walk took place in order to identify these challenges in Mikulov. BhENEFIT proposes a comprehensive approach to the management of historic buildings, taking into account a wide range of related aspects related to their daily maintenance. The aim is to preserve and valorise historical heritage in the context of sustainable development with regard to environmental protection. As the Deputy Mayor of Mikulov Mrs. Sylva Chludilová says: “The BhENEFIT project offers practical applications in the management of cultural monuments and we are happy to be involved.”

The seminar that preceded the urban walk was officially opened at 10 am, and it was attended by representatives of the Institute for Sustainable Development of Settlements and the Mikulov Municipal Office. Starting with the presentation of BhENEFIT project, the participants then discussed environmental issues, social and economic challenges in the development of urban conservation areas. Suggestions for new measures were drawn in thematic maps. After discussing these topics, the participants of the seminar went through the key points of the urban conservation area within the urban walk and discussed the proposed measures in the field. A major challenge in the area of ​​city development is the new use of the National House. The BhENEFIT project could serve as an inspiration for its future regeneration and program content.

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