Urban walk in Mátészalka

29/05/2019 - Mátészalka (Hungary)
Urban walk event

Urban walk in Mátészalka

The BhENEFIT project Urban Walk series continues with the event organized by SRZDA across the historic center of Mátészalka and guided by Mr. László Cservenyák, director of the Szatmár Museum and a civil member of the LSG.

The walk touched some of the most important historic buildings of the city such as Reformed Church, Roman Catholic Church, Synagogue and former residence, residence of the rabbi, Szatmár Museum, Old County Hall and Csizmadia palace.

The main focus of the event was to discuss about the management of historic buildings, as the representatives of different sectors and organizations shared their knowledge and experiences. In addition, the event was also an opportunity to see familiar buildings under a new light, as the participants enthusiastically discovered more about their history and ongoing renovation projects.

Once again, the Urban Walk proves to be a very versatile mean: not only promotes technical discussion and sharing of ideas, but it makes you discover your own hometown under a new perspective.

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