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Transnational meeting - Lublin

SMART_watch consortium held its second transnational meeting in Lublin on the 27th and 28th November, 2017.

During the first Steering Committe and Technical meetings administrative issues and further steps were discussed regarding the project, the Implementation Manual was finalised. 

During the first period of the project, a framework analysis was elaborated about the participating regions which focused on regional Smart Specializaton strategies, and economic situation in the regions. The next step of implementation will be analysing business models of existing observatories - institutions that monitor technology trends and market developments in the area of smart specializations as well as the regional authorities implementing the RIS, to scrutinise upon good practices, pitfalls and bottlenecks of their activity, in order to do this an audit methodology was prepared which defines the process of the analysis. In Lublin, a training for the auditors was held, introducing the methodological approach and the online tool created for auditing.

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