Local Support Group meeting in Germany

1. feasibility studies (according to application finished 09/2018 – D.T1.3
a.) Kindergarten No 1, application of illuminants and Solar thermal energy plant
b.) ventilation system in the gyms (with specific analysis of feasibility/application for gym A and gym B)
c.) limited tendering till end of November
d.) included in performance specification:
• analysis of alternative financing models for purchase respectively operation (e.g. cooperative model, energy saving-contracting, special forms of leasing etc.)
• filling in a prescribed RURES-Template for each feasibility study in English till the end of the year 2018
e.) to do till december 2018

2. Pre-Investment concept (according to application finished 09/2018) – D.T2.1
a.) due to the analysis of the ventilation system in the aforementioned feasibility study a pre investment concept is not needed anymore
b.) filling in of a prescribed RURES-template for the investment of the Gym B, in English by the planning office
c.) submission of the template till the end of the year 2018

3. investment (according to application finished 06/2019) – WP-2 – next semester
a.) Budget
b.) tendering and realization, next year

4. WP-Communication
a.) handing over of press release from last partner meeting in Slovenia in the official journal of the City of Leisnig 11/2018


b.)intensification of the News concerning RURES on the Website of the City of Leisnig to the above mentioned plans
c.) next partner meeting in Zala County around April 2019
• Mr Goth will participate with Mr Schröder in the next partner meeting in Hungary

5. miscellaneous
a.) key contact for RURES is Ms Domaniecki