8th Local Support Group meeting in Slovenia

Development agency Sinergija and Local Energy Agency Pomurje has organized 8th Local support group meeting for Pomurje region that has taken place at Motel Čarda.

LSG in Slovenia

At the meeting, Jasmina Perkič presented the pilot investment of the Croatian project partner, which the project partners and stakeholders had the opportunity to view as part of the peer review within the 5th Partnership Meeting.

Jožek Špilak presented the structure and content of the added value of RES calculator. Jožica Toplak highlighted the problem of updating the calculator from the perspective of national RES tenders and the issue of regional specificity in RES. Valerija Vogrinčič pointed out what kind of problems could arise after the end of the project and what we will need to pay attention to.

Stanislav Sraka noted that RA Sinergija will also have to ensure the sustainability of the project after the end of the project and how RA Sinergija will do it.

LSG in Slovenia