9th Local Support Group meeting in Slovenia

Local Energy Agency Pomurje has organized 9th Local support group meeting for Pomurje region that has taken place at Petrol Geo d.o.o., Lendava. 

At the meeting, Bojan Vogrinčič briefly presented pilot investments that project partners and invited stakeholders have had the opportunity to see so far. The evolving “online calculator”, the structure and content of the calculator was presented, as well as where the possibilities of placing RES and EE projects in the region. 

LSG in Slovenia

Geothermal energy as very important part of regional potential by RES and correctly understanding of the situation in concept of calculator are actually crucial for the understanding of the whole system's functioning, which is the reason that a comparison was carried out. Petrol Geo d.o.o. (where the meeting was held) is company which is engaged in mining drilling and repairing of gas, oil and geothermal wells, with the production of natural gas and oil, the production of heat from geothermal wells and the management and development of district heating systems based on geothermal resources. Representative of Petrol Geo d.o.o - introduces the geothermal well and the activities already carried out and continued on the well to generate electricity. 

LSG in Slovenia

The participants of the meeting also look at the state of old wells (eg. gas), whose potential is to be transformed into e.g. geothermal well of course with the possibility of drawing grants. The conversation went about where there are opportunities to raise financial resources in future (E-Zavod / Bussines support organization) if the calculator will show the positive balance of project idea. How the calculation will be economical realistic?