Cervia: History of the Soul of a City  

Presentation of the RHIMC, 10th of March

Saturday, 10th March at 10 AM, at the Torre Salt Warehouse, the Municipality of Cervia and the Ecomuseum of Salt and Sea of Cervia will present the Register of Heritage and Intangible assets of the Municipality of Cervia (RHIMC).

It's a container designed to protect all those non-material goods that are part of the heritage of Cervia: festivals, dialect, oral traditions, typical products, social practices and rituals.An inheritance that is only transmitted orally and therefore particularly vulnerable.

 The RHIMC, recently established by the City Council, will be built thanks to the contribution of citizens, and will form 5 thematic books: the Book of Lore, Celebrations, Expressions, Human Treasures and Symbolic Spaces, to preserve the intangible heritage and make it easily available by all.

During the event there will be three interventions made by: Michela Lucchi, Assessor of Culture of the Municipality of Cervia; Roberto Balzani, President of the Cultural Heritage Institute of Emilia Romagna and Daniela Poggiali, Director of the Culture, Tourism, Development of assets and Services to the citizen sector of the Municipality of Cervia.


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