Immagina Cervia

The app which narrates the city with its inhabitants’ voices has been previewed!

On Sunday, 8 August 2019, the app “Immagina Cervia” has been previewed via the Heritage Walking Tour named “Sound Stories from the Past”, as promoted by FESTA Association and the Eco-Museum of Salt and Sea.

About thirty people took part in the promenade within the city centre. They were guided by tablets and smartphones. The app specifically locates eight points in the quadrangle and allows to listen to anecdotes and stories on urban life by the inhabitants. While sounds are reproduced, historic pictures are displayed on screens.

The app utilises a modern technology based upon beacons, i.e. low power radio transmitters that utilise Bluetooth technology to monitor the presence and dialogue with mobile devices. The new instrument uniquely engages tourists when visiting Cervia, thus contributing to improve and broaden the tourism offerings. The app is still under development and will be available and freely downloadable in the next months.

The realisation of “Immagina Cervia” is linked to the Project “CultuRecovery”, of which the City of Cervia is Lead Partner.

Financed by the 2014-2020 Interreg Central Europe Project, with the overall aim “to improve capacities for the sustainable use of cultural heritage and resources”, Eco-Musems are recognised as key drivers for local growth.