Local Support Group meeting in Zala County (Hungary)

Zala County Government held an LSG meeting on 10 December 2019 in Zalaegerszeg.

The participants had discussions about the topics of  energy efficiency following the welcome speech of Imre Pácsonyi, vice-president of the general assembly.

LSG in Zala County

Later on Róbert Musits, representative of the Association for Sustainable Future held a presentation ont he geothermal energy and the possibilities of its utilization. Afterwards dr. Gábor Pintér, associate professor of Pannon University Georgikon Faculty spoke about the possibilities and difficulties of energy storing, focusing on the renewable energies. 

In the second part of the program the participants visited the waste water treatment plant of Zalavíz Zrt. in Zalaegerszeg, where Csaba Szabó head of the plant informed them about their activities, mentioning also their biogas production system, then he guided the visitors through a site visit, where they could see the waste water treatment system in operation. 

LSG in Zala County