Local Training Series Kicks Off
in Skawina, Poland


Together with Partnerska Inicjatywa Miast ( the Cities Partnership Initiative), Skawina hosted would-be low carbon mobility planners between October 15–17th to discuss e-mobility and #VisionZero. Experiencing sustainable urban mobility solutions gives a big boost to those exploring alternatives, and so site visits and training are central to motivating transport practitioners. The workshop included two site visits to Jaworzno and to Wola Duchacka near Kraków to experience the areas' velostrada and e-bus infrastructure, and electromobility in general. Reflecting on the event, Maciej Zacher noted,

“...participants were surprised at how different the approach towards e-mobility is in Jaworzno compared to much larger Kraków. In Jaworzno, 40 percent of its fleet is electric and in (almost) constant operation, while in Kraków, e-buses are used on a much smaller scale."

Twenty one similar local language workshops are scheduled between now and the end of 2019 with the goal of improving skills and fostering knowledge exchange between mobility planning authorities, as well as providing insights into novel best-practices – including LOW-CARB’s pilots – and results.  Please follow all upcoming events via the Interreg calendar here.

Header Image: Partnerska Inicjatywa Miast Logo (taken without permission from https://www.katowice.eu/miasto/przemiana-katowic/rewitalizacja/partnerska-inicjatywa-miast)