Pivka: Trainings for tourism and job creation

Intangible Cultural Heritage as an impetus for local economies 

The Municipality of Pivka organized a training programme within the Culturecovery project in the form of three training sessions (September 3rd, 4th and 11th 2019, and repeated session nr. 3 on September 26th 2019) at the Ecomuseum of the Seasonal Lakes of Pivka.


The trainings focused on the concept of intangible cultural heritage management, especially in the sense that the management would be directed in such a way that it would strengthen the capacity of managing the intangible cultural heritage through Ecomuseum, thereby contributing to the care of creating new jobs and also contributing to the sustainability and continuity of cultural and tourism activities in Pivka region. 

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First training session was conducted on September 3rd under the guidance of an expert, Špela Koblar Habič, M. S. (author of the conceptual design of the Ecomuseum of the Seasonal Lakes of Pivka). The municipality dedicated the training to interpretation and guiding at the Ecomuseum, learned about how to interpret and present the contents to different groups of visitors in a best way, with an emphasis on the interpretation of intangible cultural heritage. 

On the second day, September 4th, the participants were trained under the direction of geographer, Gregor Kovačič, PhD, in connection with the tradition of Pivka, on the topic of karst, water oscillation and intermittent lakes, the peculiarities of the karst landscape and the water features of the Upper Pivka region. 


The third training session was conducted on September 11th under the guidance of Eva Šabec, a heritage interpreter and a guide with many years of experience in the field of tourist guiding. The training session was conducted in the field, where the participants learned how to interpret the intangible heritage on the way to the Petelinjsko jezero lake. The participating ...were given an overview of different ways of connecting natural heritage with intangible cultural heritage, with suggestions for actively engaging visitors in field trips. 

The third training session had to be repeatedon September 26th for those participants who completed the first and second training sessions but were unable to attend the third the first time it was conducted. 

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Participants who completed all three training sessions received a certificate of participation in the training programme for the guides of the Ecomuseum of the Seasonal Lakes of Pivka.

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The participants of all three training sessions were able to gain a lot of very useful instructions, new knowledge, and upgraded our leadership skills during the lectures of experienced lecturers.

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