Presentation of the Solar »E-Tree« to stakeholders within the Green Line project

Local Energy Agency Pomurje - Slovenian partner in the RURESproject presented a pilot investment Solar »E-Tree« at the 4th Green Line project twinning meeting aimed at presenting good energy efficiency practices and use of renewable sources in Pomurje to stakeholders.

Green Line

The Green Line project (Interreg Slovenia - Hungary) aims to promote sustainable cooperation between public institutions in the region in the fields of environmental protection, energy efficiency and renewable energy.

The investment consisting of Solar »E-Tree« with four photovoltaic panels, a smart-designed solar bench, where one can charge electronic devices, and a smart bench with shadow and six photovoltaic panels was presented to the participants. Solar »E-Tree« is a metal structure that looks like a real tree with branches at the top of which are solar panels. These solar panels collect solar energy and transfer it to electricity, which can be used for charging batteries of mobile phones, tablets and portable computers. With this E-Tree local community wants to encourage new ways for RES production through combining relaxing and energy solutions to raise awareness to EE and RES for further implementation of EEP actions.