Regatta Weekend in Moscenicka Draga

10th festival and regatta of traditional sailing boats

13th - 15th July

Friday, 13th July 2018

Start: 5 p.m.

The programme starts with a presentation of maritime heritage, an exhibition of technical illustrations of traditional boats by Nenad Bojmić, photo retrospective of past regattas and exposition of regattas' T-shirts, fishermen night, fair of eco-ethno products of the Kvarner region. On the same day visitors will have the opportunity to visit the interpretation centre the House of the Sea with an expert guidance.

For children there will be two workshops: one organized by the Association „Our children“ („Društvo naša djeca“) of making little boats and the other called „Riba ribi grize rep“ for school children from Mošćenice, Mošćenička Draga and Brseč. Later on, there will be a promenade concert a long the beach of the wind orchestra, an aquarel exposition by Sonja Škalamera, the inauguration of a renewed traditional boat of type „tratarica“ from 1934, workshop of traditional skills, rowing and sailing on traditional boats followed by a music show, a capella concert, review of traditional boats followed by a light and music show by Voljen Grbac („Dance of sails and lights“). The closure of the first evening by fireworks.

Saturday, 14th July 2018


Exhibition and presentation of traditional boats that participate in the regatta, presentation of renewed traditional boats, start of the regatta, in the evening there will be the proclamation of the winners aswell as the participants at the regatta, followed by poetry and music (Duško Jeličić Dule and the band Bonaca, Tonko Božanić  - Pepe kalafot z Komiže). Visitors can also visit the before mentioned expositions and the fair of eco-ethno products.

Sunday, 15th July 2018

Presentation of traditional boats, expositions, fair of eco-ethno products, sailing from Mošćenička Draga to Brseč and back, fishermen night with local food offer, concert of the band Mareta, rowing and sailing on traditional boats for children and visitors, workshops of traditional maritime skills, concert of popular music (Voljen Grbac, Vivien Galeta and Matej Prpić accompanied by Robert Grubišića), poetic performance on chakavian dialect by Tonko Božanić (Pepe kalafot z Komiže).