THINGS+ Final Conference
SERVITIZATION: An Opportunity for Growth in European Regions

6 October I 10:00-13:00 CET I Online I Free


Briefly about the conference

The world became cross-connected in pandemic times and digitization made companies competing for every individual customer. SMEs are struggling for customers in the competitive market where are companies like Netflix, Apple, and Rolls-Royce. Especially manufacturing SMEs need urgent support in the transfer of business model from Product delivery to Advance service delivery. They need to involve the newest technologies (IoT, AI, BigData, Industry 4.0, etc.), make new partnerships, and adapt the organizational culture of the company. In this transformation process, full support from policymakers is needed for co-creating a supporting environment, including broader regional stakeholders. Through service innovation, SMEs gain higher revenue, long-term customer loyalty, and new partnerships with regional stakeholders & technology innovations. With an active co-creation role, SMEs return with synergy effects on other regional stakeholders. And policymakers are this way supporting the process of making regional SME network more competitive on a global level.

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