Things+ in final numbers

70 workshops

128 SMEs involved

220 trained 

94 new service

We have successfully finished the THINGS+ project! 

We are proud to have touched more than 220 entrepreneurs and managers from 128 SMEs through 70 workshops in 9 CE regions! Through 2 cohorts of pilot actions, 94 new service concepts were implemented in companies, and servitisiation became widely known.

Project partners also took great care to create a Policy Recommendation Paper that gives a blueprint on how to leverage project's results, implement Service Innovation Methodology on a larger scale, and help manufacturing companies throughout the EU.

Aside from the companies & policymakers, THINGS+ project also managed to create a certified course for experts to become servitization managers in cooperation with CEPAS.

The challenge(s) we addressed:

Despite vast investments and development of innovation technologies, many industries in Central Europe still focus on product manufacturing. Low cost competition from non-EU counties, together with gradual commoditisation further challenge their competitiveness. Thus, it is essential especially for SME companies to adapt their skills and successfully overcome rapid changes, following innovation and technological progress. Servitisation of products through adequate human capital investment could be one of the solutions for a greater prosperity on an ever-changing market. 

THINGS+ project aims to enrich portfolio of companies with additional services that can increase value delivered to customers and improve their position on the market, by strengthening entrepreneurs skills in service innovation management.

THINGS+ project is focused in transformation of traditional companies into regional innovation motors, with no excessive investments. Key output will be a new approach to improve entrepreneurs’ skills that help them introduce service innovation into manufacturing companies and increase prosperity on changing markets.




THINGS+ Final Conference is behind us! Thank you to all 80+ participants, who joined us and thanks to all the speakers that joined us! 

Mr. Ferrarese from JS said that our project is "Best-practice & Future-ready", something we are very proud of! Read the full report here:  

THINGS+ developed tools 

Things+ developed tools are available also in SI, SK, HU, DE, IT, CRO, CZ language. Please visit Things+ google drive, and send us request for the access to the files.

You will have access to the following toolbox:

Phase 1 Service Innovation: Product & Service list, Past Strategies list, Customer identification, Value proposition canvas, Strategy canvas, etc.

Phase 2 Service Innovation: Customer segments list, Customer Persona, Customer Journey, Servitization Opportunities, Servitization concept, etc.

Phase 3 Service Innovation: Business Model Canvas, Resources, etc.

Phase 4 Service Innovation: One-page Strategy, List of Assumptions, etc.

Phase 5 Service Innovation: Product Service Implementation & Internationalization.

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TOTAL BUDGET: 1.889.299,50  EURO