We make CENTRAL EUROPE more innovative and competitive

The innovation priority addresses key socio-economic challenges and needs within central Europe that are related to smart growth as defined in the Europe 2020 Strategy. It aims at more effective investment in research, innovation and education. The projects funded under this priority help strengthening potentials of technology-oriented areas that are destinations of foreign investments and capital flows, notably through better linking actors of innovation systems.  They also address regional disparities in knowledge and education such as brain drain, and strengthen capacities and competences for entrepreneurship and social innovation, also responding to challenges related to demographic change.

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Project examples

innovation projects

We are currently funding 48 transnational cooperation projects on innovation. With around 76 million Euro ERDF co-financing, partners from all over central Europe are addressing shared regional challenges. 

RIS3 priority areas, industrial sectors and other innovation policies

These projects focus on innovation support, such as development and promotion of fab labs, test-beds and demo centres.  Even though a bias towards research-industry collaboration can still be recognised, there is a shift towards demonstration actions in order to bring innovation support closer to the market.

Industry 4.0/Advanced manufacturing
3DCentral   |   4STEPS   |    AMiCE   |   BOOST4BSO  |   CEUP 2030  |  CHAIN REACTIONS  |  ECOS4IN  | FabLabNet   |   KETGATE   
   NUCLEI   |  ProsperAMnet   | SYNERGY   |   TRANS³Net

Agro- and Bio-Economy, Environment & Energy 
 BIOCOMPACK-CE  |  CITYCIRCLE  |  ENTeR   | InNow  | Transfarm4.0

Public procurement and ICT

Health (incl. social and elderly care)
digitalLIFE4CE | HoCare2.0  |  I-CARE-SMART 
Research and development policies
SMART_watch | S3HubsinCE

Urban innovation

Multiple technology areas support schemes

entrepreneurial support, skills development and social innovation

These projects focus on entrepreneurship support, crowd funding as financial instrument for fostering business creation as well as raising innovation potentials of SMEs in the food sector. In addition, funded projects aim at introducing service innovation and a novel qualification programme for advanced manufacturing, integrating Responsible Innovation into SME business models and the governance framework as well as supporting business succession of family businesses.

Entrepreneurial skills
 I-CON  |  CERIecon   |   CROWD-FUND-PORT  |  ROSIE  |   THINGS+

Qualification programmes
InnoPeer AVM

Social entrepreneurship, including financing
CE-RESPONSIBLE  |  CERUSI  |   DelFin  |  ENTER-transfer   |    INNO-WISEs  |  SIV |   Social(i)Makers   | SENTINEL    

Health support
Focus IN CD   |    INTENT  |  niCE-life

Social and labour market inclusion, migrant integration
Arrival Regions  |  IN SITU  |  SEE ME IN  |  SIforREF TASKFORCOME  

outputs and results


Making a lasting impact

Discover outputs and results that were created by our projects in the innovation topic.

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specific objective 1.1

Linking innovation actors


Improving sustainable linkages among actors of the innovation systems for strengthening regional innovation capacity in central Europe.

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specific objective 1.2

Improving skills for economic and social innovation


Improving skills and entrepreneurial competences for advancing economic and social innovation in central European regions.

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innovation in numbers


Million ERDF in total


Specific objectives




Project partners

The funding programme CENTRAL EUROPE 2007-13 was our predecessor. More than 1.300 public institutions and private businesses closely
cooperated in 124 transnational projects for the benefit of our regions. Take a look at what Interreg achieved already back then:

CENTRAL EUROPE projects 2007-2013

To find out more about projects and beneficiaries of other cross-border, transnational and interregional cooperation programmes within the European Union visit the KEEP database


Environment and culture