Progressing Service Performance and Export Results of Advanced Manufacturers Networks'

After 3 years of project duration, ProsperAMnet has successfully been implemented! Its results support advanced manufacturers (AMs) in improving their service performance by using the “Service Performance Monitor” and in improving their service export by using the “Service Export Radar”. These and more developed tools can be used for free on the Service Platform

Especially the Service Export Radar follows an innovative approach, as it provides relevant information for companies for their service export decisions from various webpages by the help of artificial intelligence (AI). Websites and databases are used as they deliver vast amounts of relevant data for companies. With AI, this data are collected and processed, so that even SMEs can benefit and support their decisions regarding service export activities. Another tool, the “networking tableau” provides the users a new form of expanding their professional network in a way that can help them in exploring relevant markets and companies previously unknown to them.

Further, regional round tables were conducted in each country involved where AMs were invited to get know-how on how to use the Service Export Radar, presenting its functions and ways how it can help businesses to enhance their service offers. Strategic Action Plans for fostering service exports of AMs were developed for each country involved in the project. Especially policy makers are addressed with this report, and it shows the main challenges regarding service export and gives insights on how to overcome these challenges. Results gained from the project were disseminated through the whole project duration to AMs, policy makers, stakeholders, and to the scientific community. ProsperAMnet had great success at the ICMarktech conference, where we won the best paper award. 

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Project outputs


How does the Service export radar work?

This video describes how the Service Export Radar and the underlying Artificial Intelligence works. The Radar is a free-to-use online tool designed to support Advanced Manufacturers in their service export activities.

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Scientific contributions 

With this reports, especially policy makers are addressed in order to support them in improving regional AMs’ internal service capabilities and regional competitiveness in the field of Advanced Manufacturing Systems. Strategic Action Plans are developed for each involved CE-country, and shows the main challenges regarding industrial service excellence in the respective country, and gives insights how to overcome these challenges. 



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ProsperAMnet has 10 partners from 7 countries.

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Our associated partners support us to implement the project successfully
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Technical University of Liberec, Faculty of Economics
(Czech Republic)

VDMA – Association of German Mechanical and Plant Engineering (Germany)

 Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy)

Faculty of Information Studies in Novo mesto (Slovenia)

Ministry of National Development, Digital Economy and Innovation (Hungary)

Austrian Chamber of Commerce, Foreign Trade, International Technology Cooperation (Austria)

European region Danube-Vltava (ERDV) (Germany)

Slovak marketing association (Slovak Republic)

South Bohemian Agency for Support to Innovative Enterprising (Czech Republic)

Municipality of Székesfehérvár (Hungary)