BIOCOMPACK-CE has been implemented between 2017 and 2020. In Central Europe there is a high potential for mobilizing synergies between business and research in the area of combined paper-bioplastics packaging and through the project, the partners provided to stronger linkages between R&D institutions and companies. The cross-sectoral approach has ensured the involvement of clusters, branch organizations and policy makers and all the stakeholders gave an important contribution for the success of Biocompack-CE: the project was active in all participating countries and, even if activities were mainly focused on partners’ locations, coverage of it was guaranteed nationwide. To sustain R&D-business linkages we established a Transnational Biocomposite Packaging Centre, a virtual platform linked to regional innovation.

Project activities involved a high level of cooperation with various stakeholders and had a very practical character and goals: to inform, train, support practical change in behaviour, market and industry. Although partners developed a business support system in direct contact with companies and other stakeholders. The experience was related to real market and policy conditions, a significant number of people were exposed to the topics of multi-material products and sustainable solutions and a number of stakeholders were able to start implementing changes. In most cases, this meant an assessment of potential and a tailor-made review of their particular situation, but in a number of cases, this resulted in implemented changes. To continue following the project activities and to keep in touch with partners and stakeholders from all over Europe, visit

and now?

Biocompack-CE was just the beginning. The main result of the project is an online platform, a well-rounded, one-stop support service for all your needs in the field of innovative and sustainable paper-bioplastics packaging solutions!


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