From Biocompack-CE to PaperBioPack

To sustain R&D-business linkages over a longer period of time we established a Transnational Biocomposite Packaging Centre(TBPC) linked to regional innovation systems in the form of the virtual platform at address This is an open organization ready to include other organisations (clusters, branch networks, EEN representatives etc.). The partners prepared a two-year action plan that includse roles, commitments, financial obligations and main activities. PaperBioPack business model was defined on the basis of the outcomes of the thorough analysis in the first stage of the project. TBPC (PaperBioPack) is designed as a integrated virtual network platform of technology and business innovation service providers in the area of sustainable paper-plastics packaging solutions that will deliver support to companies and develop R&D-business
ecosystems for implementing new market oriented projects concerning the application of biodegradable plastics in paper-plastic packaging solutions in Central Europe. In practice this means that most of BIOCOMPACK-CE outputs will be a part of TBPC (PaperBioPack) platform and therefore the platform serves as a main project sustainability tool of the project. During the project attention was given to spreading the information through events, social media and contacts. We also involved a number of people from different institutions and associations in our training events. Many of these have adopted the strategy and position
documents developed during the project (22 signed statements). We received very positive feedback during all these contacts and transfers which we expect to translate into actions. The outcomes from the project are easily transferable to different product types, different sectors as well to different countries. We expect that with the emnphasis on sustainability and nnovation within the New Green Deal outcomes of the project will be integrated into future actions.