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16.11.2020 Final Conference

17.09.2020 National Conference in Hungary

17.12.2019 Biocompack Strategy Document

05.12.2019 Future-proof mobility solutions for CEE airports

05.11.2019 Great success for Biocompack at Ecomondo

24.09.2019 Multi-layer packaging conference: paper and bioplastics

12.09.2019 Retail Challenge Poland 2020

04.06.2019 Call for proposal

19.03.2019 The role of large scale retailers in the future of sustainable packaging

08.03.2019 Business Support Service - Audit tool

27.02.2019 Analysis on paper-plastic value chain

24.01.2019 Biocompack in the circular economy

22.11.2018 Trade fair 2018

14.11.2018 Biocompack at Ecomondo: the strategy meets the stakeholders

07.11.2018 Annual Hungarian Packaging Conference

26.10.2018 Biocompack and the Polish packaging industry: presentations, meetings, debates for a sustainable future

10.10.2018 Biocompack meets ZeroWasteEurope

04.10.2018 "Da 20 anni facciamo la differenza". Conference on 20 years of separate collection of waste

03.10.2018 Biocompack at Open4business International Matchmaking Event in Pécs

28.09.2018 The first draft of the Business Strategy is online

13.06.2018 National Workshop in Hungary

25.05.2018 Roadmapping - Biobased Packaging Value Chain Workshop (Slovenia)

23.01.2018 Biocompack on the road (Italy edition)

30.11.2017 Opportunities and problems of paper-bioplastics products in the packaging value chain

13.11.2017 Biocompack at Ecomondo

20.10.2017 Hungary - 1st National Contact Day 

20.06.2017 Biocompack presented in Slovakia