Great success for the Biocompack conference at Ecomondo

On November 5th in Rimini, during Ecomondo, the main European event dedicated to the Green Economy, the last Italian event of the Biocompack project was held. The participation was very numerous from the beginning to the end and catalyzed the attention of the packaging world (and not only) on the innovation proposed by the project partners. The first session saw the participation of the managers of the various work packages, while the second was marked on the Italian market, with a first focus on the European Plastic Strategy and then going on to touch the various aspects of the supply chain.

Conference programme


Below you can download the conference proceedings:

The ISCC Plus certification scheme and its application to bioplastics
CARAMIA Alessandra, Bureau Veritas Italia

A suitable strategy for paper/bioplastics packaging is needed to avoid constrains in products’ end-of-life
ELEGIR Graziano, Head of Chemical and Environment Sector Innovhub-SSI (Italy)

One year after the approval of the Plastic Strategy: the European roadmap and strategic indications
FAVOINO Enzo, Scuola Agraria Parco di Monza, Zero Waste Europe

Transnational Biocomposite Packaging Center for sustainalble packaging
GANCZEWSKI Greg, COBRO - Packaging Research Institute

Pilot actions in Italy: the Plastigraf Trevigiana case study
GIUST Laura, Plastigraf Trevigiana

Biocompack Pilot actions as a key element to promote innovation

Sustainable packaging and the challenge of new paper-based materials
MARIANI Giorgio, Lic Packaging spa

The end of life of paper and bioplastic packaging from the point of view of the paper industry
RAMUNNI Massimo, Deputy Director of Assocarta

Sustainability: how the choices of large retailers can guide the market. The case of Coop Italia
PASCARELLI Renata, Coop Italia