Biocompack presented in Slovakia

Slovak Plastic Cluster (SPC), in cooperation with the Slovak Chamber of Commerce and industry, as a partner of the project, the Enterprise Europe Network ( organized the 7. Seminar on "Trends in plastic making industry". The seminar took place on September 28, 2017 at Velka Lomnica, Hotel International. The seminar was attended by 48 participants, from 3 EU countries. For the first time representatives of the Member companies in the Slovak Plastic Claster spoke on their experience and expertise. Topics have been drawn up on the basis of the interest expressed by the members of the SPC and was based on the needs of the practice as well. Individual lectures were built so that everybody found or learned something more about current topics from the field of research and development of plastic materials. The Slovak Plastics Cluster is organising this seminar annually, always with new and interesting range of topics.

One of the lectures was dedicated to biopolymers, where Prof. Dušan Bakoš from the Institute of natural and synthetic polymers of FCHPT STU in Bratislava spoke about the project BIOCOMPACK-CE and biodegradable materials from renewable sources. The lecture was met with great interest, which was reflected in the rich discussion.

SLOVAK PLASTIC CLUSTER (SPC) located in Nitra, which is an associate partner in the project BIOCOMPACK-CE was founded by 5 founding members on March 13, 2009. The SPC is a special-interest Association of legal entities in the field of plastic industry and associated industries. Is a cluster of supraregional character within the framework of the Slovak Republic and was founded on the initiative of non-State actors operating in the plastic making industry. The founding members have defined the need for a stronger regional, national and international networking and mutual cooperation, tackling the lack of corporate training for the plastics industry at all levels and support applied research and development.

On June 14, 2017, 31 participants from 21 member companies of the SPC met at the General Assembly in Nitra at Hotel MIKADO. These represented 70% of all members of the SPC. A large group 26 of guests and members, which consisted of the SPC was from 17 organizations and companies, as well as from various State and public institutions, such as the SARIO, Slovak Business Agency, VUC Nitra self-governing region, the Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency, the British Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic, the Trade Department of Austrian Embassy, Bratislava State Institute of vocational education.

An essential part of the session of the General Assembly of SPC in the year 2017 was the controlled discussion by the theme talk, which focused on jobs, human resources in the processing of plastics, cooperation in higher education and businesses, to the international common events, which are organized by SPC for its members. In this section, Professor Dušan Bakoš in his invited lecture reported on the project BIOCOMPAC-CE. The information was met with great interest and the requirement to present this project at the upcoming the 7. Annual Cycle of Seminars "TRENDS IN PLASTIC MAKIMG INDUSTRY" – INNOVATION. In conclusion of the General Assembly it was the opportunity to establish contacts with member companies, but also companies which are not yet advise to the SPC profile.