Biocompack Strategy Document

This document presents a summary on how the BIOCOMPACK-CE project team views the options for the development of sustainable paper-plastic, combined packaging in Central Europe. It defines strategic steps needed to move to a desired outcome in which packaging will better adhere to principles of sustainability and circular resource management.
The document starts with an analysis of the situation. It first outlines the background context explaining why we believe that changes in multimaterial products and packaging are needed. Then the specific situation in Central Europe is discussed, looking at the different sectors involved. Basic challenges of development are defined and critical issues throughout the value chain are analysed.
The analysis is followed by Our view and a discussion of Desired outcome defining long-term and short-to-medium term goals. The document is concluded with two specific Implementation scenarios that would lead to the desired change.
The document represents a possible view on how positive change in mutimaterial packaging could be achieved within the given conditions found in Central Europe. It is intended to help stakeholders and policy-makers to define their specific strategies.

The stategy document is available in: