Hungary - 1st National Contact Day 

On 19th October we orgonised the First National Contact Day which really became an interactive event. The program contains three presentations and after every presentation a discussion of the topics with the intrested audience. Many stakeholders and the Hungarian Association of Packaging and Materials Handling (Associated Partner) were invited as well to the National Contact Day. The event ensured the introduction of Omnipack Cluster and BioCompack-CE project, the issue of take away packaging material, furthermore Research and Development projects at Óbuda Univesity related to development and application of biodegradable packaging materials. The speakers are Zsolt Keresztúri – Omnipack Cluster Manager, András Ugrin - Executive Director of UgrinPack Kft. and Dr. habil. Csaba Horváth, Associate professor, Director of institute, Óbuda University. The participants were very open-minded and inquiring which caused a lot of questions from their side. Therefore the First National Contact Day was obviously succesful and we have gained a good experience which can utilize in the organisation of Second National Contact Day.