In recent months five conferences about waste took place in northern Italy (12 in the whole country), trying to figure out the current situation in the five Regions and the future perspectives of waste management. Biocompack-CE was presented to a large number of stakeholders: enterprises committed to an improvement in the waste collection situation, municipalities trying to pursue their work (on a lower budget year after year), organizations awarded for their work of raising awareness in a topic that has been ignored for too long and citizens willing to do their part in this new perspective of circular economy.

Veneto, Piemonte and Emilia Romagna, organized the conferences during the European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR), an initiative aiming to promote the implementation of awareness-raising actions about sustainable resources and waste management during a single week. The conference in Lombardia took place the first week of December: it was organized in Milan, worldwide recognized as an excellence in waste management among big cities. The event in Liguria, the Region with the most complex situation regarding waste management, was planned few days after the one in Milan but the bad weather conditions pushed the organizers to postpone it to January.

The packaging still represents a large part of waste and often we cannot get it back into the supply chain and it ends up being disposed of in undifferentiated waste. Biocompack tries to respond to these needs: having a packaging that can be thrown directly into the organic garbage. Regions in the north of the country have a very good collection system with high quality standards recognized at European level. In Veneto Region 30% of the municipalities produces less than 75 kg/per/year; in the city of Trento, with more than 130.000, the waste sorting reaches 81,6%.

The goal of the future is to reduce non-recyclable waste, reduce dumps, waste-to-energy plants. We don’t need to burn garbage to produce energy, to heat our houses, we need to rethink about the conception of waste: it is just something that we consider useless but in reality has simply taken on another value. The future is circular.