The fact that by 2060 will be every third European older than 65 years makes the “Silver Economy” one of the fastest-growing economic domains.

Many solutions for the elderly are digital-based but not well accepted by the care recipients. Thus, current state presents a growing need to involve them in the product design process. 

Our mission is to provide customer-centered home care by co-creation.

How we do it? We engage the members of Quadruple Helix - SMEs, public institutions, research institutions and citizens in the development of new innovative health and social services or products.

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HoCare2.0 at the finish line

For more than 3 years 11 partners from 6 European countries have tried to boost knowledge and interest in the co-creation method in the area of homecare. Now the HoCare2.0 project has reached its end and it is time to wrap up and reflect.

Project duration

Start Date

April 2019

End Date

June 2022

Project in numbers






pilot tests


people trained

Testing the co-creation method in Pilots

Implementation of co-creation in product and service development has been tested in 20 Pilot actions across 6 territories

innovations for home care  through co-creation 

HoCare2.0 network CONNECTs CO-CREATION LABS and spreads the word to new territories in Central Europe 

We demonstrate an impact THROUGH 6 pilots with public SERVICE providers and 12 pilots with SMEs 

We create 2 innovative tools for application of co-creation among SMEs and public SERVICE providers

We build the knowledge in co-creation for 285 employees of SMEs or public service providers

11 partners from 6 European countries believe that co-creation of disruptive customer-centered home care solutions boosted by co-creation of social or health home care public services will systematically change innovation ecosystems.

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Project Partners