HoCare2.0 project outputs

Take a look at the overview of all currently available project outputs. 

SME & Policy Tools

We have designed and developed Tools for delivery of innovative Home Care solutions - SME and Policy Tools. Both Tools enable the involvement of multi-end user group to co-creation process in order to boost digital-based health and social home care solutions in all regions of Central Europe.

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Knowledge Pack

Knowledge Pack is the primary educational material for knowledge advancement of stakeholders about adopting co-creation approach. The Knowledge Pack should be used jointly with the HoCare2.0 SME and Policy Tools. The core objective of the knowledge pack is to prepare representatives of SMEs and Public service providers for initiating their pilot activities.

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eBook is quickly informing the reader about the purpose, usage and benefits of both Tools. It is meant to be shared with potential stakeholders to widen the Co-Creation Labs in each territory. 

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SME and Public Services Pilot Studies

13 SMEs and 7 Public service providers have tested the co-creation method in product and service development in pilot actions. All relevant information about the pilots including hard facts, learnings and feedback on solution acceptance, impact on future actions, transregional monitoring and policy learnings, has been summarized in two Pilot studies.

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HoCare2.0 Infographics

To give a brief overview of the project and its 20 Pilots including feedback of main target groups and key learnings, Infographics have been prepared.

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HoCare2.0 eFactsheets

To summarize key hard facts about the 20 Pilots carried out by SMEs and Public service providers, eFactsheets have been designed for each Pilot.

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