About the project

The 4th industrial revolution is inevitable and will affect all industrial sectors. The impacts of Industry 4.0 depend on readiness of regions to respond, accept and adopt the changes. Our model supports the sustainable cooperation of actors of innovation systems to strengthen and prepare the regional innovation capacities in CE area for such changes.

ECOS4IN project connected the partners from CE countries that have specific idea about expected impacts of Industry 4.0 implementation and wants to involve the entities from other regions dealing with similar problems. There is a strong common intention of partners to find new creative ways how to use the opportunities of Industry 4.0 and other technologies called “advanced manufacturing systems” while eliminating the risks.

Cooperation of stakeholders was crucial for the success of the project realisation. Project supported the sustainable cooperation of actors of innovation systems to strengthen and prepare the regional innovation capacities in Central Europe area. 

During the implementation of the project, the partners translated their accumulated experience into action plans which define how each of the involved organizations can contribute to the development of the knowledge ecosystem in its region. 

Partners found the intersections in our activities as well as the activities of other regions and to propose recommendations how to cooperate in the development of the entire Central European innovation ecosystem for Industry 4.0.

The project analyzed in detail the current situation of Industry 4.0 implementation and created the "ECOS4IN Knowledge Base" tool and ecosystem model, which was pilot tested as a necessary source of information for raising awareness of Industry 4.0. In addition, the project designed an ecosystem model according to regional conditions and context and equipped the participating regions with action plans that provide relevant material for the upcoming revisions of the RIS3 strategies.

The project has contributed to improving regional innovation capacity by creating a suitable environment for the implementation of Industry 4.0.



GIACOMO BRODOLINI FOUNDATION- Tech for good- Industry 4.0 and disabilities, an inclusive approach in Milan

New technologies are human-centric with the aim of improving the quality of life of people...


USTI REGION - Digital Innovation Hub

One of the main results of ECOS4IN project in Usti region is strengthening role of Digital Innovation Hub. This is our main communication channel for Industry 4.0 promotion (Information Hub)...


Pilot actions in partner regions

In workpackage 3 ECOS4IN partners identified some pilot actions which bridged the gaps between situation in region and “ideal ecosystem model”...

6TH newsletter

Our project is coming to an end... but what we learnt?

The main objective of the ECOS4IN project is the improvement of regional innovation capacity by close transnational cooperation among RIS3 stakeholders on Industry 4.0 implementation. After three years of partner cooperation, we are closing project activities granted from Interreg Central Europe program and we are looking for ideas and tools for further ecosystem development. From our personal point of view, we see three main points, lessons learned from pro- ject implementation important for innovation ecosystem development.

18. 03. 22.


ECOS4IN Study-Visit & Final Conference (online)

The ECOS4IN project will end on 31 March. During the 3 years of the project, the partnership has learned a lot and met a lot of good practice.

On March 18, two events will take place online. On the one hand, a study will take place in the Western Transdanubia region, where we will get a glimpse into the local industry 4.0 ecosystem, and from 11 a.m. we will publish the most significant results and good practices of the project within the framework of the closing event.

30. 11. 21.


ECOS4IN project in the International Engineering Fair in Brno 

The International Engineering Fair (IEF) is the most important industrial fair in Central Europe

The majority of visitors are professionals. Attendance is highly professional, almost eighty percent of visitors influence investment decisions, a third belong to top management.

ECOS4IN in numbers


€ 1.464.250

€ 1.212.638

36 months