Village Day is the 3rd targeted event by Sárvár FUA

A Village Day  was organised in Chernelházadamonya, where citizens, commuters and tourists took part, including several families with children. Within the event, SOLEZ was presented. The main focus of SOLEZ project was to raise awareness of children and widen their knowledge about sustainable mobility in a playable form.

Starting with a short presentation about sustainable mobility dedicated to families, practical exercises were carried out, where children were involved in filling in mobility quizzes and doing some paintings about mobility. Children were very enthusiastic and they were competing with each others. In the meanwhile, their parents where informed about the benefits of sustainable mobility. 

Thanks to this event, citizens could widen their knowledge in mobility field and children could get to know about different sustainable mobility forms and their advantages.

The event was a great opportunity for SOLEZ project to meet families and children and raising awareness about urban mobility issues, as well as exchange ideas with citizens from the municipality and its surrounding communities.

village day
village day