SOLEZ project at Transport Sciences International Conference @Győr on March 22nd-23rd 2018

An international conference on Transport Sciences was held in Győr on March 22nd-23rd 2018, in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Győr-Moson-Sopron Country.

During the conference several interesting topics were discussed in connection with sustainable transport area,  and approximately 80 participants were recorded.  Among the attendants, there were professors from numerous Hungarian universities who teach Transport Sciences, mobility actors, experts, as well as  PhD students who do research in the transport field. Moreover, foreign stakeholders participated to the conference, so every presentation was held in English.

In particular, on the second day of the conference,  one section was dedicated to SOLEZ project where PBN’s mobility expert presented the prepared Sárvár FUA Action Plan and its methodology, as well as the the planned ICT-based Pilot Action which will be implemented in Sárvár FUA within this year. Participants had the possibility to share their ideas in connection with the project and its activities. From  the part of the attendants, valuable feedbacks were given which might positively contribute to the improvement of  the presented smartphone application. In addition, a high appreciation and further support were shown to the project work.