Solez meet citizens in Porpác

On 30th October, SOLEZ Hungarian project team took advantage of the nice autumn weather to organize a project targeted event in the main park of Porpác, a small hinterland municipality in Sárvár FUA. 

PBN informed participants about the SOLEZ project and its main topics, highlighting the importance of sustainable mobility. Attendees could read the project leaflet and they were asked to fill in quizzes about this topic. Among the participants there were citizens and commuters in every age group who could widen their knowledge about sustainable mobility. Some participants arrived by bike, and there was a possibility to ride a bike for free for some minutes as well. 

The project team had fruitful discussion with attendees about sustainable mobility and they were emphasising Sárvár FUA’s smart phone application, which is in the final development step and ready to be available for users very soon.  

Feedbacks from participants have been very positive.

Now they are looking forward for testing the new app supporting sustainable mobility in Sárvár FUA, that is being developed as part of SOLEZ Pilot Activities!