SOLEZ Targeted event 7th Nov in Hegyfalu

PBN organized the fifth targeted event on 7th November in a small hinterland municipality in Sárvár FUA, called Hegyfalu.

The SOLEZ project team organized this event in the library of the village, so library visitors had the possibility to get to know to the project, and its main activities, which have impact on their everyday lives as well. 

The majority of the library visitors were asking about the project, so dozens of people, mainly municipality inhabitants were informed about results and outputs of SOLEZ. Among the participants there were adolescents, parents and elderlies as well, so all age groups were involved in the awareness raising action. They took part in quizzes and further games, where they could improve their knowledge in sustainable mobility field. Furthermore, organizers have highlighted  the smart phone application which is being developed in the framework of SOLEZ Pilot Activities, and going to support sustainable mobility in the FUA.

Participants enjoyed the project event, and it was a very useful occasion where citizens could broaden their knowledge in sustainable mobility field, and they appreciated the development of the new smart phone application as well.